Are you ready to separate your course from the rest? 

Get your course battle-tested for quality and stand out in your market.

Does this sound familiar?

No one's raving about your course and you can't figure out why.

You've tried marketing your course, but you're not confident it will sell.

You're tired of hearing how easy it is to have a six-figure course — when you're still struggling to get your first few students.

Imagine you wake up tomorrow with an email from me in your inbox.

It’s not a mass email sent to thousands of other people. It’s a personal message I wrote specifically for you.

You open it to find a link to a Trello board with all of the weak spots in your online course that are causing students to lose interest.

There are checklists for each of the problem areas, and actionable ways to fix them.

Finally, someone is taking your course exactly like a student would, helping you predict your students' frustrations before they happen.

If you got a second pair of eyes on your course by a professional course reviewer, you could have:

The confidence to market your course, without worrying about broken links or disappointed students.

A flood of testimonials from happy students willing to share their experience. 

Facebook notifications of people tagging you and your course in Facebook groups filled with your ideal buyer.

Recognition in your industry for being a course creator who delivers value-packed courses that get results.

Introducing, The Online Course Review Suite

A comprehensive suite of services that help you find and fix errors in your course so you can STAND OUT in your market and enjoy long-term course success.

Monique makes us sound smart. She has definitely made us look good and that has been so amazing. We've tried to get feedback by a few other people, but none were as good at finding our weak spots.

— Catalyst Marketing

What makes The Online Course Review Suite different?  

Most services help you either create or market your course. My service covers that in-between part where you've just finished your course and haven't seen much marketing success yet.

  • It involves reviewing your course to make sure it's clear, functional, and professional before you open it up to picky students who now expect MORE from online courses. 
  • It's a service with a STUDENT focus. Meaning, I care that both you AND your student succeed. I look for areas where students struggle, so you always look good.
  • It’s the only service focused on reviewing the QUALITY of your course, rather than how to build a marketing funnel for a quick buck.
  • It operates on a people over profit mentality. It's time to start focusing on our students' success so we can see long-term course success.

Here's what you'll discover at the end of our time together:

  • What areas in your course are distracting or confusing so that students trust you to deliver on your promise to them.
  • What areas are broken or not working in your course so your students don’t get frustrated and give up.
  • Where you can add more value so your students feel like you’re overdelivering on your promise to them, and buy more later.
  • Where your students might get confused or lose interest so that you don’t lose them right when they start.
  • What areas aren’t as polished or clear, so you can look professional (and like you know what you’re doing).
  • Where your students might get stuck so you’re not flooded with emails and can focus instead on providing a great experience.

What's included in The Online Course Review Suite

Here are the course review options in The Online Course Review Suite.

Course Design & Experience Review

Course Presentation Review

Course Technology Review

  • Your course reviewed from top to bottom to make sure it’s designed to help students reach a transformation.
  • This makes you look like an empathetic teacher who cares more about getting their students RESULTS than about getting their money.
  • This will give you happier students long-term who become big fans of what you teach. 

  • A focus on course presentation, branding, and content. Are you capitalizing certain terms consistently? Are your course brand colors consistent?
  • This gives your course a professional, polished look so students don’t feel their investment was wasted, or that they were tricked into buying something that didn’t deliver.
  • It’s geared to eliminate any buyer remorse your student might be feeling when they first log into your course. 
  • A focus on course technology, and usability issues that frustrate learners. Is your course easy to use and navigate? Do all videos work properly?
  • This gives your students an easy, seamless experience that keeps them moving in your course, rather than stuck because they can’t access something.
  • This helps with your completion rates and engagement.

It's a great feeling knowing that we're putting our best foot forward when it comes to the content of our sales funnel training products for our students. It's wonderful knowing our key marketing and training materials are polished.

— Matt Ackerson,

Are you ready to STAND OUT in your market with a QUALITY course, so you can enjoy LONG-TERM course success?

Here's what you get with the Online Course Review Suite.

There's literally no risk involved.

I know what you might be thinking. Does my course need this? But to get started, there’s literally no risk involved. 

Because you’re getting free course feedback first to see if my expertise is what you’re looking for, and to see if you can get value from it. 

If you love my initial feedback, we'll discuss what services in The Online Course Review Suite are a fit for your course.

Hey there, I’m Monique, and just 3 years ago, a client asked me to proofread his course content.

At that moment, I fell in love with checking online courses for errors. But I also recognized what many online courses were missing – a supportive, human element from online teachers that students needed to take massive action and experience transformation.

I felt a fire inside to make sure that all online students had what they needed to succeed. That’s why I’m committed to finding any areas of weakness in your course that distract and diminish students’ trust in you – their teacher and guide.

I can't wait to meet you!

If you can answer YES to the questions below, this is going to be perfect for you:

  • Do you want to separate your course from the low-quality, cash-grab courses that students never finish? 
  • Are you frustrated by the lack of feedback and engagement from your current students? 
  • Do you want genuine student testimonials from people who have actually experienced a transformation, to use in your marketing?
  • Is the idea of your course enrollments growing through word-of-mouth exciting to you?
  • Do you have an inkling that your course could be even better than it is right now? 
  • Is delivering an outstanding online learning experience for your students a top priority? 
  • Is satisfying your students and seeing them grow from what you're teaching more exciting to you than making a quick buck? 

What clients are saying:

Don’t let another day go by trying to convince yourself that your course is good enough.

What if just one added slide in your course clarified something for your student, and allowed them to take action?

What if just one added resource or bonus created a lightbulb moment that shifted your students’ entire mindset?

What if just one added activity helped them apply what you taught them, and they saw massive results

What impact would that have on your students, your course business, and your reputation as an online teacher? 

The only way to get a different result from the rest of the course creators in your niche is to do things differently.

You have questions. I have answers.

What happens after I request free course feedback? 

You’ll get an email from me requesting free access to your course (you can give me access through a dummy account - I will NOT need your personal course login). 

Within 2-3 business days, I’ll review your course from a 30,000 ft view and send you video feedback of quick wins and weak spots, along with action items and a PDF summary of the feedback. 

If you’re interested in a more thorough review, I’ll send you a proposal listing the services in my Online Course Review Suite that would match what your course needs.

Does my course need to be finished to use this service? 

It’s better if your course is finished, so I can get the full story of what you’re teaching. However, people have come to me with just the course content (before it’s been uploaded to their LMS), and this is fine if the content is complete!

How much time do I need to commit to this? 

This depends on how much work is needed after I’ve completed my review. I would set aside 1-2 weeks to implement any feedback I’ve offered, but it does vary depending on how much actual work is required, and I can estimate this towards the end of my review.

How much does your service cost? 

No two courses are alike. Since they vary in depth and length, the cost can range from $97 - $997, depending on the service you choose, and the extent of work required. For your specific course, you’ll get a full breakdown of all pricing in your proposal before work begins. 

How long will it take for you to review my course?

It depends on the length of your course and the effort required. But to give you an idea, I can review a 30-minute course (with a short workbook) in about 2-3 days. 

Will I see any kind of ROI after using your service? 

I would love for you to see an ROI! This is my main goal. When we work together, my goal is not only to make sure your students have the best experience, but that you have a course that you can charge more for after I review it.

I can’t make any promises about whether your course will sell, but The Online Course Suite focuses on polishing areas in your course that provide the most value, so you can tick your course price a bit higher and feel good about it.

Monique reviewed my course sales page, and it was the greatest pleasure working with her. She's very talented and devoted to what she does, and she's been very prompt and detailed with her work. Highly recommended.

— Matej Peco, course creator

Proof Mango fills the gap between a "just-finished" course and a course that's ready to market.

And to be clear:

1. You WON’T have to redo your entire course from scratch after we’re done.

2. You WON’T walk away with a laundry list of errors in your course you don’t know how to fix.

3. You WON’T need to give me access to any back-end parts of your course.

Also, you DON’T need to have a brand new course to use this service. Your course could be at any phase, because it can always be made better

Monique's revisions on our job seeker course were excellent, and I feel like they really take the course to the next level.

— Melissa Streaman, Hire My Mom

I’m ready for my course to STAND OUT, Monique!

Get a second pair of eyes on it, free.