Tired of asking people for feedback on your course?

Get real, honest feedback on your course before you launch.


Is this you right now?

You need to know what's missing in your course, from someone else's perspective.

Your course has been gathering dust for months, and you'd love some fresh eyes on it.

You'd love to have someone go through your course and give you recommendations on how to make it better.

Imagine you wake up tomorrow with feedback on your course + a checklist with areas to improve.

Here's an actual message of what I sent to a course creator.

Feedback is an essential part of any online course.

In order to attract new students, you have to know what's working (or not working) in your course right now.

This will give you:

  • Insight on what future students will need
  • Knowledge of how to retain students you already have
  • A clear understanding of what could be stopping students from finishing your course.

Get video feedback on your course + a checklist of things to improve

Find out what's missing in your course so your students love you.

Thank you very much for all your feedback, I was really impressed, and even the way you gave the feedback back to me, I was incredibly impressed. I've written it all down and I think you've got some really valid points, thank you.

— Chris Sambolec, Accelerate Go

Here's what you'll discover with our course feedback:

  • What areas in your course are distracting or confusing so that students trust you to deliver on your promise to them.
  • What areas are broken or not working in your course so your students don’t get frustrated and give up.
  • Where you can add more value so your students feel like you’re overdelivering on your promise to them, and buy more later.
  • Where your students might get confused or lose interest so that you don’t lose them right when they start.
  • What areas aren’t as polished or clear, so you can look professional (and like you know what you’re doing).
  • Where your students might get stuck so you’re not flooded with emails and can focus instead on providing a great experience.

What's included in our course feedback?

We take your course like a student

We compile our feedback and deliver it via video

We give you a checklist of quick wins to improve

Your course is reviewed from top to bottom, as if we were one of your ideal students.

We use Loom to give you video feedback on where your course can be strengthened or improved.

We send a checklist of quick wins you can easily add to your course, to make the student experience better.

It's a great feeling knowing that we're putting our best foot forward when it comes to the content of our sales funnel training products for our students. It's wonderful knowing our key marketing and training materials have been reviewed.

— Matt Ackerson, Autogrow.co

Listen to sample videos of our course feedback, so you know what to expect

Are you ready to finally get real, honest feedback on your course?

Here's what happens immediately after you purchase course feedback:


Get an email

We'll send you an email immediately after purchase with a Getting Started form.


Fill out a form

Fill out the Getting Started form in the email. All we need is a little bit of information about your course, and a coupon code to access it.


Get feedback on your course

Within 2-3 business days, we'll review your course from top to bottom and send you video feedback + a checklist of action items to help you improve it.

Hey there, I’m Monique, and just 3 years ago, I was a tech virtual assistant for course creators.

After years of helping coaches and entrepreneurs polish their courses before launch, I felt a fire inside to serve more course creators, and help them feel confident in their course before launching.

That’s why I’m committed to finding any areas of weakness in your course that distract and diminish trust – so you can look authoritative and professional.

If you can answer YES to the questions below, course feedback is just what you need:

  • Are you tired of trying to find people in Facebook groups to give you course feedback?
  • Do you wish you could get feedback on your course without having to promise someone else feedback in return?
  • Do you wish there was an easy way to know if your course was missing the mark?
  • Do you NEED feedback ASAP because you're about to launch?

Don’t let another day go by trying to convince yourself that you don't need a second pair of eyes on your course.

What if just one added slide in your course clarified something for your student, and allowed them to take action?

What if just one added resource or bonus created a lightbulb moment that shifted your students’ entire mindset?

What if just one added activity helped them apply what you taught them, and they saw massive results


You have questions. I have answers.

What happens after I buy?

You’ll get an email with a Getting Started form, so we can see what your course is about, learn a little bit about your course goals, and access it with a coupon code (or your preferred method).

Within 3 business days from the time you submit your Getting Started form, we'll review your course from a 30,000 ft view and send you video feedback of quick wins and weak spots, along with a checklist of action items to help you improve.

Does my course need to be finished to use this service? 

No way! If you're still building your course and need feedback on what you've got so far, we can review whatever you have, and still give you detailed, specific feedback on where you can improve.

How long will it take to get feedback on my course?

I can review your course from top to bottom and give you feedback within 3 business days.

What makes you qualified to give me course feedback?

I've taken 50+ courses throughout my tenure as an entrepreneur, assisted in building/maintaining online courses for coaches/entrepreneurs as a virtual assistant, and have helped dozens of course creators with feedback/tips on how they can improve their courses.

I have 10 years of experience reviewing content for quality and accuracy, so small errors in content and design stick out like a sore thumb for me.

Will you give me a testimonial for my course?

If your course does what it promises, I'd be more than happy to write up a positive review of your course after I've reviewed it!

It was the greatest pleasure working with Monique. She's very talented and devoted to what she does, and she's been very prompt and detailed with her work. Highly recommended.

— Matej Peco, course creator

You can't fix what you don't know is broken.

When you get feedback on your course, you'll know exactly what to improve, WITHOUT having to:

1. Give someone else feedback in exchange for yours.

2. Worry about whether the feedback is truthful or they're "just being nice."

3. Wait weeks for someone to review it, because they're doing it for free.

Monique's revisions on our job seeker course were excellent, and I feel like they really take the course to the next level.

— Melissa Streaman, Hire My Mom

I'm ready to find out what's missing in my course!

Get feedback on your course before you launch.